Chicken, anyone?

Anyone who doubts that Web 2.0 is going to change business (yes, there are actually still some!) consider the following App for the iPhone.

The NSW Food Watch app (check out this story) mash’s data from the NSW Department of Food Safety with Google Maps. What you get when you launch it is a map of the area around where you are (yes, your phone can figure that out) and ‘pins’ stuck in the map that represent any restaurants in your immediate area that have been fined for breaching food safety regulations.

Don’t dine without it!

But seriously, who knew how to access that info before this? And even if you knew, how could you possibly do it when you’re on the road?

Just wait until there’s an app that lets you compare prices for anything you’re looking at in a shop – soon we’re going to take a picture of the product we want to buy and in five seconds have a list of the cheapest places to buy it within a 5 minute walk.

Pressure’s on, gang. Web 2.0 is here – figure it out, or watch out!!

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